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Thanks Guys

2011-01-30 06:29:01 by SatanPown


The school holidays are over in WA and back to school work. I'd just like to say thanks for those who listened to my compositions and voted and even commented.

Keep up the good work and enjoy life
Satan Pown (back at school :( )


If your out there, I WANT YOUR HELP!! I want to start a Newground Contemplation. This involves collecting sheet music from various artists and putting it all together to give the best of Newgrounds Music. So, why do I need you?

I need help scanning all of Newgrounds Artists and finding truley epic music that defines what Newgrounds stands for, in-terms of music!

So send your requests either by PM me (Satan Pown) or placing the link to the audio page in a reply post. Please tell as many people and try to gat them to do the same. Even place your own music in the bunch.

Thanks Heaps and hopefully this gets of the ground,

Satan Pown


2010-04-22 05:54:46 by SatanPown


So this is my first post. Just signed up. So I have this account to get awesome music and to get into contact with the artists so i can arrange them for the school band i play in. Where in desperate need of freh music. Its soooo boring.

K Well if you have any epic orchestral music or any other awesome music id love to know.